Monday, July 16, 2007

sunshine: street guilt dunzo

know how every time you shop around the city you inevitably see some nice looking young person asking you to give a little bit of money to a dying child at sick kids and you smile or look down and feel bad because you need that money for smokes? well, today you get your revenge. blog t.o. alerted my to an article in the star that explains those people not only work for some third party organizations (ie. not sick kids), they're on commission.

didn't see h potts on the weekend. not becuase i'm not obsessed like everyone else, but because i love it enough to wait until the theater won't be crazy crowded. if you went, let me know what you thought (without spoilers). in the meantime, there's a new trailer online for daniel radders next movie, december boys.

the blogging loves of my life, josh and josh, have been updating like crazy. on this day of my birth they happen to have posted random devil wears prada quotes. meant to be? i think the answer is pretty obvious.

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