Tuesday, July 3, 2007

lost balls, found god

today i was shocked and horrified to learn that michael glatze is no longer gay. which is news to me because the mike i met at montreal pride a couple years ago was, indeed, very gay. he was a founding editor of now apparently defunct magazine young gay america (or YGA), creator of gayteensuicidedoc jim in bold, and boyfriend to the object of my affections in summer 2005.

mike's written some whacky "column" about breaking free from the shackles of homoness for some kind of news outlet called world net daily. it's full of stuff that sounds like this...

"driven to look for truth, because nothing felt right, I looked within. jesus christ repeatedly advises us not to trust anybody other than him. I did what he said, knowing that the kingdom of god does reside in the heart and mind of every man."

obviously, I think he's a fucking idiot, but these are clearly the words of someone with a very thin handle on his own identity. so I guess there's no real reason to hate, and everyone should feel kind of bad for him. be tee dubs, he's actually quite good looking, in a steve nash kind of way.

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