Monday, July 23, 2007

he's not 'rexo, just hungry

great weekend, despite having to work a lot of it. isn't this the best birthday surprise picture ever? was at the beaconsfield on saturday night. had a lot of fun, but why are people so into that place? i take issue with anywhere too crowded to walk through. anyway, don't work too hard on a monday, stop and read this stuff.

- when the iphone finally comes to canada it could lower cell phone costs for everyone.

- toronto isn't the largest facebook reigon anymore since london kicked our ass last week. read down to the comments, one guy has some insight.

- when will crocs die? maybe when your kids do.

- jezebel is still making headlines for getting their hands on faith hill's pre-photoshop redbook cover. i just watched a story about it on the today show.

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