Friday, July 27, 2007

tiger style

as threatened, i went to bocce last night and it kicked my ass. amy, conor, dan z, ryan and david rp were there. some girl was throwing up on the patio and conor took pictures of her. her friends said it was mean, but i think it's just funny, no?

amy and dan. he's a fox now

david picked up some girl



Thursday, July 26, 2007

wolfman's got nards

- monster squad is out on dvd this week. i was obsessed with this movie as a kid, in large part because of my crush on rudy. it also taught me what the word virign meant. there's two rad clips here

- i wish really badly that i was at comic con right now. the annaul san diego nerd fest is in full swing, and it seems like the biggest news to come out of it so far is the return of michael on lost.

- are you as intrigued by former fatties as i am? omg blog has probably the most nauseating post i'll ever link to about the aftermath of one man's 200 pound weight loss.

- come see bocce tonight. it's at tiger bar and you can check out all the deets on facebook.

Monday, July 23, 2007

dean mcthomas

is everyone already done the seventh harry potter? i'm not. just started reading it last night and am only a few chapters in. it's actually one of the few times i've been happy to read at as moderate pace as i do cause i totally want to savour this thing. anyway, went to see OOTP on the weekend with duana. we wanted to get deathly hallows immediately after, but the line at indigo in the manulife was far too long.

pete mac gives g.o.d. props for those lines

went to mimi's on bathurst, it's a bit overrated

last week esther threw herself a bat mitzvah

monster mashup

1500 prisoners in the philippines learned the choreography to thriller in the video above. of course it's cool to watch because 1500 people doing anything choreographed usually is. but what really impresses me about this is what a creative idea it is as an activity for inmates. i'd never been impressed with dancers until i took some hip-hop classes for fun last winter with some friends. not only was it a fun way to spend an hour moving, but it left me in as good a headspace as any of the few physical things i actually love to do. does anyone know if canadian prisons have similar programs?

he's not 'rexo, just hungry

great weekend, despite having to work a lot of it. isn't this the best birthday surprise picture ever? was at the beaconsfield on saturday night. had a lot of fun, but why are people so into that place? i take issue with anywhere too crowded to walk through. anyway, don't work too hard on a monday, stop and read this stuff.

- when the iphone finally comes to canada it could lower cell phone costs for everyone.

- toronto isn't the largest facebook reigon anymore since london kicked our ass last week. read down to the comments, one guy has some insight.

- when will crocs die? maybe when your kids do.

- jezebel is still making headlines for getting their hands on faith hill's pre-photoshop redbook cover. i just watched a story about it on the today show.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

true patriot love

my friend chet just posted a really freaky story about an explosion that happened outside his work today in new york. turns it was just a steam pipe, but he (and probably everyone else in hearing distance) understandably assumed it was a terrorist attack. there a lot of reasons why i'm jealous of his life in nyc, but fear of dying in a politically motivated bombing isn't one of them. i don't think i'm naive about how dangerous the world can be, but i think we all feel relatively safe in toronto and i'm totally grateful for that.

gotta motor

- people has an interview with winona ryder. it might make you sad.

- toronto life has an interview with michael cera. it should make you happy. i've actually met george michael a couple times and he couldn't be cooler.

- the toronto star is worried people won't buy harry potter even though they can't wait to read it.

- model joseph sayers speaks. he doesn't want to bore you with politics, but he sure loves school.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

without that show i have nothing

i was lucky enough to get a ticket to see hairspray last night from dan and am happy to report it kicks exactly as much ass as you want it to. it never tries to be something it isn't (ahem, dreamgirls), and works perfectly. the highlight for me is nikki blonsky who manages to play tracy with equal parts of wicked confidence and hilarious teenage passion. her infatuation with the movie's local dance show is dead on, reminded me of sjp and helen hunt watching dance tv.

my only problem with the movie are my conflicted feelings about zac efron. a 19 year old should not be able to melt my heart like that.

Monday, July 16, 2007

sunshine: street guilt dunzo

know how every time you shop around the city you inevitably see some nice looking young person asking you to give a little bit of money to a dying child at sick kids and you smile or look down and feel bad because you need that money for smokes? well, today you get your revenge. blog t.o. alerted my to an article in the star that explains those people not only work for some third party organizations (ie. not sick kids), they're on commission.

didn't see h potts on the weekend. not becuase i'm not obsessed like everyone else, but because i love it enough to wait until the theater won't be crazy crowded. if you went, let me know what you thought (without spoilers). in the meantime, there's a new trailer online for daniel radders next movie, december boys.

the blogging loves of my life, josh and josh, have been updating like crazy. on this day of my birth they happen to have posted random devil wears prada quotes. meant to be? i think the answer is pretty obvious.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

quarter centch

amy was awesome enough to have a birthday party for me on saturday and the best peeps in the world showed up to sip on some. with about 8 summer weekends a year in toronto, couldn't have been happier that everyone decided to bring their face melting dance moves to our place. if the quality of the photos isn't amazing it's only because the night was totally balls out.


sasha and pete mac



sunday morning met up with amy sash and conor for the worst breakfast ever at brownstone on yonge

amy got a shirt

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


this is some of the radest shit i've seen in a while. three minds alerted me to something called light graffiti. it uses small lights and slow exposure to create wicked pictures like this. if i ever figure out how to use my camera, expect to see a lot more of it.

this is the closest i've come to successfully experimenting with my camera. anyway, turns out amy isn't the only person you should avoid on the road. i agree that dying because you had to text while driving is a stupid way to bite it, but i think this study overlooks how dangerous it is trying to make an itrip work while you drive. those things suck

scary stuff. queerty has an update on the ex-gay/michael glatze news from last week. just me, or gays over 30 are critically different?

crocs-a-dile rock

went up to the cottage with les for a couple days. while we were there i heard a horrifying story about someone who died on a snowmobile, a machine i've avoided my whole life, and will now continue to do so. going to see chromeo tonight. will rave all about it tomorrow and if my computer doesn't suck will try to throw up some vids.


someone told me jackson pollock made this, apparently he made sculptues before he was a painter

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

you should've been there

amy and conor snagged my camera the other night and i just wanted to throw up a few pictures that i like.

failed jump pic

josh and vaders


had me a blast

last night went to the drake with amy and dan. we met up with adam, conor and dylan for a night called summer lovin. it was comedy/music performed by real life couples and put on by holly and inessa. with a very little exception the whole night went really well. even technical problems kind of made me laugh

amy taking orange drink from holly and her man stu

inessa and monster drew

henry wrestling his girlfriend

it was rad night, but if you're pissed you missed out don't make the same mistake tomorrow. come see holly, inessa and other funny chicks at heartjobs, it's part of the fringe festival.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

lost balls, found god

today i was shocked and horrified to learn that michael glatze is no longer gay. which is news to me because the mike i met at montreal pride a couple years ago was, indeed, very gay. he was a founding editor of now apparently defunct magazine young gay america (or YGA), creator of gayteensuicidedoc jim in bold, and boyfriend to the object of my affections in summer 2005.

mike's written some whacky "column" about breaking free from the shackles of homoness for some kind of news outlet called world net daily. it's full of stuff that sounds like this...

"driven to look for truth, because nothing felt right, I looked within. jesus christ repeatedly advises us not to trust anybody other than him. I did what he said, knowing that the kingdom of god does reside in the heart and mind of every man."

obviously, I think he's a fucking idiot, but these are clearly the words of someone with a very thin handle on his own identity. so I guess there's no real reason to hate, and everyone should feel kind of bad for him. be tee dubs, he's actually quite good looking, in a steve nash kind of way.