Thursday, May 31, 2007

on yonge

this is my morning view on the way to work.

looks nice right? but as a friend of mine often mourns, the south-east corner of yonge and bloor (harvey's, city optical) is actually a really ugly sight in an otherwise attractive neighbourhood.

fortunately for everyone with eyes, that sucka's getting blown to bits.

this is the building that's going to be built in it's place. it's kind of a cheesy rendering, but i think the real thing will be a huge improvement.

last night i went to see casey from ohbijou play a solo show at the boat. turns out the solo show was really a group of singer/songwriters playing in turn to a far-too quiet crowd. casey's great, but we weren't in the mood to just sit still and listen, so we went to some random bar on dundas.

if you're looking for a good show and something to do this weekend, check out the track and field music fest in tantramar, which is just outside guelph. lots of rad acts like great lake swimmers, sebastien grainger, and final fantasy for a $20 donation.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

love boat

saturday night was a party called santa cruz at captain john's restaurant. it's supposed to be a singles night for indie kids. people wear a numbered tag and if you're interested you can leave a note for them in a little mail box with the same number.

not too sure if the love match part was a sucess, but it's a very cool event anyway. put normally standoffish people on a boat and suddenly everyone wants to chat. seemed like a good turnout for homos too. pretty good music, on the water, just one problem - drink tickets.

sunday morning great food/bad service at aunties and uncles. then no-car day in kensington

Saturday, May 26, 2007

no bottoms

last night was crazy fun hipster fest at sneaky dee's. i think it was shit la merde, but i'm not sure.

that girl who looks like domino harvey is named anik. not only is she that good looking, but she made this really awesome magazine called strut. johnny hockin dj'd. what's with mickey mouse tshirt's?

tonight - santa cruz

Thursday, May 24, 2007

this many

"It looks like people who can walk will have to be doing a bit of walking."- marilyn bolton, ttc spokesperson

the yonge line broke down during rush hour today because of a power outage. the sidewalk was packed with people looking a bit freaked. 32 degrees, no power, sketched out crowds, summer rules.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

college days, college nights

overheard on a patio at college & crawford:
"try spending some time in bed with someone you hate."

guys who dress like this are really really warm? exhibitionists? went to the mod club with amy to see jully black, but conflicted with idol so i had to leave. but not before this ad insulted your sense of humour.

perfect day+new camera obsession=photographs of everything i saw

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


went to see bright eyes last night at massey hall. he sounded pretty effing amazing. huge group of musicians on stage, beautiful songs, and jack white-style hairdo's. still was surprised he could pack a venue that size with $50 seats.
heard screaming from the audience - "CHUG"

i'm not super familiar with the music, and they weren't the kind of songs you fall in love with after hearing live for the first time. but what blew my mind a bit was was the stage production. the backdrop was flooded with images from what looked like an overhead projector, created live as the show went on - an in-and-out of focus ouija board, finger painting with food colouring, and TIDDLEY WINKS! Kind of hard to expain but it looked rad.

opening acts gillian welch and oakley hall joined conor on stage to close the show, but i didn't actully see them perform their own sets though. that's because i was at the senator being horrified by a bum fight that amy and ryan thought was funny enough to photograph, which i thought was funny.