Friday, June 29, 2007

this isn't a music blog

this week amy, adam and i went to one of the best shows i've been to in forever. amy had seen bocce (bow-ch-a not bah-chee, i think) before and insisted that i go to their show at sneaky dee's. these pictres really don't do them justice because they were really working their asses off. the sound is sort of like a rockier chromeo, and they're crazy dance machines. they're playing tiger bar at the end of july, i'll be there for sure.

Monday, June 25, 2007


pride weekend was a little different this year. low on the flirt but high on amazing hang out friend time. me, conor and amy went to wipper snapper gallery on college to see miracle fortress, but had to leave early to make it to big primpin at the drake. the scene outside was crazy. thank god for frank.


a strange picture of dan and jessi

leaving the underground

frank's husband jeremy

pride day we watched the parade from amy's window. after we took a walk around u of t, then hung out at a beer garden and danced while indian lady boys performed bhangra.

ivy league

me and amy


amy, conor and me kinda

Sunday, June 24, 2007

little boxes

lauren came home from australia so i went to party in ajax on friday. skip down to the end, you'll see it's not always a pretty town, but it can still be an amazing party once in a while.

paul and mike



les and lauren at the portly


ugly 401

moonlight and vagentino

spent the week off work at amy's family's cottage. dan, sasha, and adam came too. we were on lake simcoe, where i'd never been before. it's a huge lake and the island we stayed on is a reservation. native dudes sold us a 2-4, minus the 8 beers they snagged, for 50 dollars. not a great deal, but better than spending an afternoon in a car.

this fat dog tried to dig its own grave.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

hol diff

on vacation and heading to the cottage in a matter of hours, but wanted to get a few photos up from a crazy mmva party weekend. highlights included entering the hilary duff cuteosphere, lucky's birthday, and an unpictured wb wetdream/horrifying next-day memory including roswell/everwood cast members.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


did you know this is what the c.n. tower looks like now? neither did i but read about it here. went to oakville with amy and conor and just really liked these pictures. later conor tried to kill us and then we went to the beaver.

going to a show

went to see rufus on monday night, and he was fine. lovely voice, obviously charming and all that. but here's the problem. when i met up with dan and sasha during the intermission, they really didn't want to sit through the second half of the show. the reason being, the stupid danforth music hall was so damn hot the show was totally ruined for them. i guess music venues don't have a/c to protect people's voices? either way, stupid to sell tickets to watch a show from a sauna. heard later he dressed in full drag for the encore.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

chick-litigation karma

anyone who has ever rolled their eyes while watching sex and the city understands why rebecca eckler is unappealing to begin with. but now that she's in the process of suing the people responsible for knocked up i don't even feel bad about about writing her off as obnoxious/irrelevant. turns out i'm not the only one. torontoist is burning her for ripping on the styzz of linds, paris, etc. but over at her own blog, rebecca's done the work for us, blabbering on about a journalist professor who also knows she sucks.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


remember when i thought i had some kind of right to say what people should go to at nxne? well, i ended up going to none of that. thankfully, it was because there was way too much other rad stuff to do. lainey's been in town and on thursday she was the special guest of something called smut soiree at roots. she basically dished everything about all the gossip you could ever want to know about. hating paris hilton was a common theme. dan was the moderator, they're a great pair. he should guest edit her blog sometime.

understandably, lainey's got some hardcore fans. champagne on the street wasn't enough, so we went to amber and then fran's.

friday eveyone came over and then we went to the drake. people there are kind of douchy, but none more than one of their bouncers who i overheard calling someone, no joke, "faggot".

amy and i went to see fraser young at the laugh resort on saturday. then line after line on queen st. we ended up at unit. in the morning hung out at a u of t park. perfect sunday.