Tuesday, June 5, 2007

can we go somewthere?

north by northeast is starting this weekend. as a pretty casual participant of toronto's live music scene, there's literally 100's of bands playing that i have no interest in seeing. but if you're like me and wanna just go see a couple shows where you're at the very least going to have fun, this is what i think is worth checking out.

saturday at the horseshoe will be totally rad. string, organs, really beautiful songs, ohbijou at 10...

...then former dfa 1979er sebastien grainger at 11

my boyfriend peter elkas, the drake, friday at 10

saturday peaches is dj-ing at spin gallery

and for their contribution to the best scene on television ever and an excuse to ask someone "so, are you going to buffalo tom?", buffalo tom, the horseshoe, thursday at midnight

but if you were just hoping to eff someone broke and cute, check out now magazine's top 5 nxne artists who could be porn stars

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