Saturday, August 11, 2007

ya boy is back

this is the best picture to come out of the regatta/marina dance i went to while i was up at the cottage for the last week. have you ever been to something like this? it's basically like going to any suburban bar/club except you bring your children and grandparents. the crappy dj they hired was charming at first, but after he only played 20 seconds of unbrella, les took issue with the b'moustached man. he responded "eat shit, bitch". good times. a whole group of guys were going to fight the dj, but les told them not to worry about it. lake ties die hard. amy and sasha came up, we swam, got tans, kayaked (is that a word) talked about the pros and cons of vanity fair's snobbery.

amy and greg

16 km hike to a waterfall

intense farmer's tan

gone country

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