Tuesday, May 22, 2007


went to see bright eyes last night at massey hall. he sounded pretty effing amazing. huge group of musicians on stage, beautiful songs, and jack white-style hairdo's. still was surprised he could pack a venue that size with $50 seats.
heard screaming from the audience - "CHUG"

i'm not super familiar with the music, and they weren't the kind of songs you fall in love with after hearing live for the first time. but what blew my mind a bit was was the stage production. the backdrop was flooded with images from what looked like an overhead projector, created live as the show went on - an in-and-out of focus ouija board, finger painting with food colouring, and TIDDLEY WINKS! Kind of hard to expain but it looked rad.

opening acts gillian welch and oakley hall joined conor on stage to close the show, but i didn't actully see them perform their own sets though. that's because i was at the senator being horrified by a bum fight that amy and ryan thought was funny enough to photograph, which i thought was funny.

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